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AEA267 Autism Page

Description:  Support Group information, general info about autism in AEA267

Autism One


Autism Research Institute

Description:  Includes Defeat Autism Now! information
Biomedical approaches to treating autism

Autism Society of America

Description:  This site is a great source of autism information.

Autism Society of Iowa

Description:  Iowa Autism Info

Craniosacral Therapy

Description:  It is a manipulation of the cranial bones, sacrum, and dural tube. It helps treat symptoms of autism by:
  • Decreasing self-injurious behaviors
  • Increasing affection
  • Improving breathing quality
  • DHS Medical Claim Form

    Description:  If your child is on a waiver you can use this form to get reimbursed for travel expenses to doctors appointments.
    Click here to view form

    Genova Diagnostics Autism Resource Center

    Description:  Lots of links to autism websites and other information

    HANDLE Therapy

    Description:  Holistic Approach to Neurodevelopment and Learning Efficiency.
    This therapy is currently being offered by Early Developmental Intervention (EDI) at Covenant.

    Parent Training and Information Center of Iowa


    Pathways Medical Advocates

    Description:  Site for Dr. John Hicks, MD. He is a Defeat Autism Now (DAN!) doctor and works with families on a biomedical approach.


    Description:  Talk About Curing Autism

    The University of Iowa Regional Autism Services Program

    Description:  The Regional Autism Services Program is a cooperative effort of Bureau of Children, Family, and Community Services at the Iowa Department of Education, Child Health Specialty Clinics, and the Division of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry at University of Iowa Health Care.

    Therapeutic Listening Program

    Description:  Therapy which uses modulated music CD's, listened to through headphones. Can be combined with sensory and movement treatment. This therapy is currently being offered by Early Developmental Intervention (EDI) at Covenant. Informational book: "Listening With the Whole Body"

    Trusera Autism

    Description:  Moms on Trusera know what it’s like to have a child with autism. That’s why they’re here, and why they want you to take part. This is a place where you will take control of your child’s health, gain confidence (or give it!) and maybe even get inspired to take action. Either way, Trusera has thousands of parents coping to various degrees who share daily doses of empowerment and insight.

    Untangle Autism

    Description:   First Steps in starting your journey with autism

    Wrights Law

    Description:   Special Education Advocate