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I'm not sure if this is in Cedar Rapids only or if this is also something that is happening here in Waterloo at Four Oaks. Someone passed this along to me.


Monica Ryan-Rausch, a social worker at Four Oaks, is also the coordinator of their Asperger’s Program. Who knew? 

Four Oaks has two Social Skills training programs, one for Middle School Kids and one for High School Kids.
Both programs are pretty full at this time.
The Middle School program is after school, and serves 6 girls and 14 boys.
One group of 10  meets M-W from 4-6
Second group meets T-Th from 4-6
The High School program serves 13 kids, with 3 more to be added soon
It meets M-W from 6:30 to 8:00; every other Friday they do a community activity. 
She gave us a contact for Adults with Asperger’s in Iowa: They provide social interaction and networking for adults on the spectrum.
And, we learned that Mercy Hospital in Dubuque is opening an Autism Center this July. They will do diagnostic testing and treatment, including sensory work, and some high tech computer based social skills training. The director of that program is Alyson Beytien, who contributes to the Autism Quarterly Journal, and who has 3 sons on the spectrum.