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Iowa HF 56:   Ban mercury / thimerosal in flu vaccines




In 2004, Iowa became the first in the nation to ban mercury / thimerosal in early childhood vaccines.   However, at that time the Iowa Health Department insisted the flu vaccine be exempted due to lack of supply at that time. But now, according to Sanofi-Pasteur, there is a plentiful supply of mercury-free flu vaccines.


At that time flu shots were not on the CDC recommended schedule for children.  But now they are;  for children, yearly, starting at 6 mos., pregnant women and the elderly - our most vulnerable populations.  The flu shot contains high levels of mercury, so much so that used vials must be discarded as hazardous waste.  But although we took it out of all other vaccines, we are asked to reintroduce this hazardous waste into our children's yearly from 6 months to 18 years, the pregnant and the elderly. Today there is a crisis in special needs education and the CDC reports that 1 out of 6 children are neurologically impaired. It makes no sense to continue to use mercury in this vaccine since it has been proven that thimerosal (49.6 % mercury) is not and has never been a necessary ingredient in single-dose vials.


 We have been going back to the legislature now for five years trying to correct this issue, but have been totally obstructed by the Health Department and those legislators refusing to listen to any information other than that which is in lock-step with the Health Dept.   It is interesting to note that when the bill was passed in 2004 to take mercury out of most children's vaccines, the evidence of harm was so great that the legislature passed the bill over the objections of the Health Dept.  Your help is urgently needed to overcome this obstacle again.


Rep.John Whitaker has introduced bill HF 56 that would add the flu shot to our existing Iowa code that bans mercury in children's vaccines.   Current Chair of the Human Resources Committee, Rep. Mark Smith and current Chair of the subcommittee, Rep. Roger Wendt, say they will not let this bill out of subcommittee to be heard by the full committee, due to opposition by the Health Department and lack of legislative interest.  We need YOU to show them that there is plenty of interest in protecting Iowa's children This week is funnel week; if the bill is not brought forward out of committee this week, the bill is dead and there will be more children, elderly and pregnant women placed in harm’s way. See a video of neurodegeneration in the presence of mercury, by the University of Calgary


How you can help.

Please e-mail the following legislators and the Governor -- actually calling them is even better.  Des Moines House switchboard:  515 281-3221,,,,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,


Legislative leadership,,,,,,,,,,,,

*Hartsuch, Olive, Courtney, Kibbie, Gronstal, Danielson, Appel, and Dotzler are supportive SENATORS who are interested in this issue



Contact your own personal legislator at


Governor's office: Call 515-281-5211



Sample message:

Please continue to protect the children of Iowa by closing the loophole in Iowa's existing 2004 law banning mercury by adding the flu shot to the list.  There has been a dramatic increase in neurodevelopmental disorders in our children that parallels the increase in the administration of mercury-containing vaccines.  Current research supports the connection between mercury exposure and neurodevelopmental disorders.  See .

The FDA has recommended that mercury be removed from all vaccines.  Iowa needs to follow the lead of the FDA.


Ask Representatives Mark Smith and Roger Wendt to bring HF 56 forward to the House Human Resources committee for consideration.   Bring this issue out into the open!