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Join us at Marcus College Square Cinema for Reel Movies for Real Needs, a special showing for families and individuals with special needs.

Serving a REAL Need with a REEL Experience

Sometimes it is difficult or uncomfortable for families with children who have special needs to attend movies together. Reel Movies for Reel Needs is a specially designed program to serve families with special needs such as autism or other challenges, who seldom attend movies.

Reel Movies for Real Needs creates a welcoming and comfortable environment –lights up, volume down- where families with children who need accommodations will be able to share the experience of seeing family friendly films at a theatre.

An Opportunity to Share the Movie Experience
Reel Movies for Real Needs is ideal for families who may not feel comfortable attending regularly scheduled shows.

“Families with special needs children are looking for opportunities to get them out and participate in the same activities many other families enjoy,” said Cindy Schultz, a volunteer with the Southeastern Wisconsin Autism Network through Guidance, Education & Life (A.N.G.E.L).  “Thanks to Marcus Theatres’ new series, ‘Reel Movies for Real Needs,’ we will have the chance each month to attend movies together as a family.  We are excited about this program which will make a difference

in the lives of children and their families” 


A select first run movie is featured on one Saturday each month at a convenient 10:30AM showtime. Regular matinee pricing applies. Please visit under the “Promotions” tab for the select movie that month. Enclosed are a number of informational materials. Please feel free to request more at anytime.


Questions? Comments? Concerns? Feel free to contact me personally, Clint Wisialowski, at (800) 274-0099 Extension 3 or for further information.

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