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The Iowa Autism Council was created by action of the 2008 Legislature.  No financial appropriation; under the umbrella of the Iowa Department of Education.  Thirteen voting members and representatives from six professional areas who are non-voting.  Must meet quarterly; can meet more.  We report to the governor and the Legislature annually by  Dec 15.

First legislation for which we are advocates:  SF1 (Senate File One) and the insurance coverage bill in the House, which is currently part of the mental health parity bill.

Three first priorities for the Iowa Autism Council:

Integration and coordination of the medical community, community educators, childhood educators, health care providers, and community-based services into a seamless support system for individuals and their families.

  1. Transition and identification
  2. Folding publicly funded autism services into the entire mental health/disability publicly funded system.
  3. Integration and coordination
  4. Integration of all pieces
  5. Integration and coordination, including mental health.
  6. Integration and coordination of medical community, community educators in systems of care.
  7. Resource identification/development for families/support systems/clients of /with ASD
  8. Education

Early identification by medical professionals of autism, including education and training of health care and mental health care professionals and the use of best practice guidelines.

  1. Early identification – best practices
  2. Transition and identification
  3. Ensure that needs are met for students who are deaf and blind and also have autism.

Financing options including but not limited to medical assistance waivers and private health insurance coverage.

  1. Insurance
  2. Financing
  3. Funding streams include insurance an waiver
  4. Insurance and waivers.  Coverage for evaluation, services and therapies.  MR and ill-handicapped waivers
  5. Reduce and then eliminate waiting lists of children with autism on waiting lists.  HCBS or Country.
  6. Optimization of cost-effective interventions with checks and valances via outcomes assessment.
  7. Resources available to fund services for all on the spectrum.