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Autism Votes... It's time for lawmakers to listen.

Dear Iowa Autism Advocate,


Autism insurance reform legislation is gaining momentum in Iowa! Senate File 1, sponsored by Senator Daryl Beall (D-25) was recently heard by the Senate Commerce Committee.  This groundbreaking legislation would require private health insurers to cover $36,000 per year for autism treatment, including applied behavior analysis.


Your help is needed to move this bill out committee.  Members of the Commerce Committee need to hear from their constituents.  Our message should be clear and strong:  Autism is treatable.  Insurance should cover treatment.  Iowa families need help now!


Here is How You Can Help:


1.  CALL THE MEMBERS OF THE THE COMMERCECOMMITTEE!  Over the next few days, it is crucial that every legislator who sits on the Commerce Committee hear this clear message over and over:   Autism is treatable.  Insurance should cover

treatment.  Be polite and persistent.  Ask them to say "yes" to our children (who so often hear the word "no") and to SF 1.


                               Steve Warnstadt (D-1), Chair 712-258-3705

                               William M. Heckroth (D-9), Vice Chair


                               Ron Wieck (R-27), Ranking Member 712-276-0347

                               Jerry Behn (R-24) 515-432-7327

                               Joe Bolkcom (D-39) 319-337-6280

                               Thomas G. Courtney (D-44) 319-753-2684

                               Swati A. Dandekar (D-18) 319-377-2087

                               David Hartsuch (R-41) 563-823-8442

                               Steve Kettering (R-26) 712-657-2108

                               Matt McCoy (D-31) 515-245-2959

                               Rich Olive (D-5) 515-733-2427

                               Tom Rielly (D-38) 641-673-5878

                               Becky Schmitz (D-45) 641-472-2341

                               Roger Stewart (D-13) 563-652-2491

                               Pat Ward (R-30) 515-221-3945


                               No matter what district you live in, please contact all of these legislators.  If you do happen to live in one of their districts (and you can find out if you do right HERE) call them again tomorrow and the rest of the week.  The voices of their constituents are the ones that will most effectively convince them that this is the only solution to this heartbreaking situation.

Store their numbers in your cell phones, speed dial if necessary!

They must hear from you over and over during the next week.


2.  SEND AN EMAIL to the legislators on the Committee!  It's very simple.  You don't even need to know their email address. Just click and send.


3.  FORWARD THIS ACTION ALERT!  to everyone you know!  For those who are constantly looking for ways to provide support to families struggling with the challenges of autism, this is a fantastic, easy way to step up.  Ask them to contact each of these legislators in support of SF 1.  Ask them to ask everyone they know to do they same.  We need to flood their phone lines, fax lines and e-mail inboxes.


4.  REGISTER AT AUTISM VOTES!  It's quick and easy.  You will then receive e-mail alerts any time action needs to be taken in Iowa.  Ask your friends, neighbors and family to register at Autism Votes as well.  We need thousands of voices if we plan to succeed in our effort to end discrimination against our loved ones with autism.


The clock is ticking and it is crucial that we speak for our children NOW.  Thank you for your commitment to making insurance coverage for autism a reality in Iowa.  For more information on the Iowa autism insurance initiative, go to


                         Warm regards,


                         Judith Ursitti

                         Regional Director of State Advocacy Relations

                         Autism Speaks