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To: Iowa Autism Council Members


Council members many of you have wondered how the insurance bills are moving in Iowa.  Unfortunately this year they will not make it out of funnel week.

However, it is important to note that rarely does a bill get through on the first try especially an insurance bill.  The bills will remain active for next year’s session.  There is good news out of this session HF501 appears will pass out of committee and go the floor.  The brief of this bill is to start to investigate an Autism Waiver program with the help of the Iowa Autism Council.  With that being said the legislative subcommittee will be ongoing.  This will allow us to give the support that the legislators have

asked for.   We have made great strides and everyone should be extremely

proud of how far we have come in such a short time.  I would like to thank many members who gave up countless hours working with me to better educate the legislators on autism, researching questions, and making phone calls.

  Often when a problem is not understood the solution is hard to see.  The lawmakers now understand the issues so we can move forward to recommend policies that provide solutions.  I have enclosed the letter I sent to the Senators thanking them for their help and guidance.  I know that this is an emotional issue for many and it is always tough to see something so needed not happen.  Remember this is a marathon not a sprint!  We want to get solid policies in place that truly help meet the unmet needs of Iowans.  I have also enclosed a link to HF501 should you want to read it.  As always if you have questions feel free to email or call me at 712.204.9616 see you everyone in April.


  Link to HF501


Honorable Senate Members,

From: Iowa Autism Council

Sent: 3/12/09

We understand that SF1 will not make it out of funnel week, but will remain active for next year's session.  While disappointed in the lack of movement on SF1 this year we truly appreciate your responsiveness and willingness to speak openly about an issue that clearly affects many Iowans.  Furthermore, we understand that you have many difficult issues facing you today and this is one of many.  We look forward continuing to work with you to help understand family issues, insurance pitfalls, and to move SF1 next year.  We have enjoyed speaking with each of you even if we may look at SF1 differently. We appreciate the service you are providing to the state not only in good times but in tough times as well.  If we can be of any assistance please don't hesitate to contact me directly at 712.204.9616.


Thank you,

Josh Cobbs

Chairperson Iowa Autism Council